The SDD low-voltage power supply

The SDD low-voltage power supply (LVPS) system has been designed specifically to provide voltages for front-end, readout and data transmission of silicon drift detector (SDD) of ALICE ITS. The system has software regulation and communicates with slow-control system and remotely sets the voltages and current limits, and monitors their values for each power supply line. The system can also handle possible latch-up in electronics chips. The system is modular. Each module has two independent supplies (A and B) with four independent supply lines each (A1, D1, D2 and D3). The system is organized into "crates". Each crate is a 19" (84 HP) wide and 6U high euro mechanics rack (depth is 415 mm) and has eight modules. Sizes of modules are: width is 10 HP, height is 6U and depth is 295 mm.

LVPS module and the rack Image of the module and rack


Other materials and links

  • Presentation AREM PRO LVPS Radiation Test (pdf 6128 KB)
  • Technical Description and User’s Manual (pdf 1580 KB)